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ipe to focus◆ on how to● increase sale■s per store, a■nd store red●esign is the key,〓" He said.Gome ha●s already complet◆ed the redesign◆ of a Dazhong sto◆re under its ma

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lectronic○s) products ○and small h

nag◆ement, whic■h has become the〓 largest by flo■or area and t○he biggest consum■er electronics stor●e in the country. G●ome acquired Beijin●g-based riv■al Dazhong■ in 2007 for 3.■6 billion ■yuan.The reno■vated Dazhong store ○alone, coveri◆ng 20,000 sq m, i◆s expected to post ●annual sal◆es of 2 bi

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l◆lion yuan, doub■le its previous sa●les number.The ●transformation com○es at a time● when Gome is battli◆ng a slowing○ market and invest〓ors worried about th●e scandal in■volving Huang●.Suppl


iers○ are repor○tedly turni■ng their backs on ●Gome and banks are ○unwilling t○o grant lo○ans. Gome has be◆en seeking ■strategic stake○ sales to repay de●bt and boost its c〓ash flow after shar


●es tumbled by 77〓 percent last ■year.Gome controls ■40 percent of th■e mainland elec〓tronics retail ■market but■ lags Suning Applia●nces in profita〓bility, and sales ■per store.Sun◆ing said i


t woul◆d open 200 s〓tores this〓 year, but com〓pany executives ◆recently upgraded t●hat number■ to 350, whic●h expands its■ portfolio o〓f stores to ■1,200 by end-2■009.Suning als■o said it was

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◆renovating its st●ores in a bid to ●increase sales per s○tore. It is 〓also recruiting mo■re employees, inc◆reasing the ratio 〓of 3C and ■small applian●ces to achieve ●higher profi●ts, and setting up 6●0 lo

ult in high●e

gistic◆s centers in three y〓ears, the company s〓aid.Some Chinese cit■ies have i◆ssued coupons to t●heir residents to b■oost consumption ami■d the global fi○nancial crisis. In H●angzhou half of◆ the coupons issu●ed befo

the end of 2008, ■Gome h

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